Kirk Flora's Taekwondo Institute offers an unparalleled training program and an uncompromising commitment to the development of each Taekwondo student. 
The Curriculum has been designed by Master Kirk A. Flora (Fifth Dan - World Taekwondo Federation), adhering to the tradition of excellence taught by the Masters who have gone before him, passing on their pearls of wisdom and technical expertise. 
Master Flora had been teaching Taekwondo since the early 1990's, operating a dojang in Merrimack, New Hampshire, and subsequently Eagle Mountain, Utah. His contributions to the Taekwondo community include refereeing for various competitions, conducting free women's self defense seminars for local communities, organizing and participating in Taekwondo exhibitions for various organizations, the children of the Safe Haven Project, and teaching the youth of Massachusetts through the state operated "Governor's Alliance Against Drugs" Taekwondo program.