Healthy diet and exercise are essential to achieving peak performance levels for the Taekwondo practitioner. 
*Consult a physician before starting any diet or exercise program.

Most people find out sooner or later that staying in shape, eating right, and achieving desired fitness levels requires a concerted effort.  At the heart of this effort is discipline.  Discipline is what carries the Taekwondo practitioner to excellence.  Training the body to obey the mind through this discipline is the ultimate goal.

-Master Flora


It seems that there are innumerable fad diets in the world, each claiming to hold the "secret" to weight loss.  Faced with so many choices on how to modify eating habits, it is easy to get confused or misguided.

Master Flora firmly believes that the best approach to diet is to get closer to the quantities of any given food, as they are available in nature.  Mass produced, refined foods, more often than not, stray far from ingredient levels that are naturally available.  Get back to natural eating.  It takes a bit more work to prepare foods that are closer to how nature provides them and it may take a bit of getting used to not overwhelming the taste buds with refined sugars, artificial fats, and too much salt, but the effort is well worth it.


The body is a miraculous thing that requires resistance to retain structural stability and strength.  Taekwondo doesn't require the practitioner to "bulk up" in order to be effective.  Muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility are desirable to the practitioner in order to desirable levels of performance.  Exercise regimens need not involve advanced equipment to achieve these attributes.

Fitness goals are a great tool for improving personal capability.  Listed below are the current military standards for physical fitness.  If you would like to start getting in shape, you would be surprised what results you can achieve by reaching even the minimum requirements.  Other than a good pair of running shoes, no training equipment is required.

 Ages 17-21  Min
 Push-Ups  19  42
 Sit-Ups  53  78
 2 Mile Run  18:54  15:36

 Ages 37-41  Min  Max
 Push-Ups  13  40
 Sit-Ups  38  76
 2 Mile Run  22:42  17:00

 Ages 17-21  Min  Max
 Push-Ups  42  71
 Sit-Ups  53  78
 2 Mile Run  15:54  13:00
 Ages  37-41  Min  Max
 Push-Ups  34  73
 Sit-Ups  38  76
 2 Mile Run  18:18  13:36

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