1. Students shall salute national flags upon entering and leaving the dojang.

  2. Students shall greet the instructor with a bow upon entering and leaving the dojang.  If the instructor is not present when the student enters the dojang, students shall bow upon the instructor’s return.

  3. Students shall address the instructor as “sir” or “ma’am”, responding to questions or instructions with a corresponding “yes sir” or “yes “ma’am”.  All black belts should be addressed in a like manner.

  4. Master Instructors may be addressed as “Master <last name>” or as Mr., Mrs., or Miss <last name> or by “sir” or “ma’am”.

  5. Students shall greet fellow students with a bow, the junior rank bowing first, respecting the senior rank.

  6. Students shall be on time for class.  If late, students will perform 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups prior to entering training.

  7. Students shall remove shoes upon entry of the studio, placing them neatly on the shoe rack.

  8. Students shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner while in the dojang, horseplay and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

  9. Students shall not spar one another without the express permission of the instructor.

  10. Students shall be clean and well groomed when attending classes.  Hands and feet require special attention, as student will be making direct contact with other students.  Finger and toe nails must be trimmed, with no jagged edges.

  11. Uniforms shall be kept clean and wrinkle free.  This doesn’t mean they need to be ironed but should be kept in a manner that will promote a neat appearance when attending class. Should belts need cleaning, they should be washed by hand and air dried.

  12. Students shall not be permitted to participate in class without an approved uniform.

  13. Women students shall wear a white t-shirt underneath their uniform to preserve modesty.

  14. Students should not solicit testing.  Student will be invited to test based on personal progress, class attendance, and proficiency in required material.

  15. Student shall be attentive and alert during training, giving best effort at all times.

  16. Expressions of giving up or quitting are not in alignment with Taekwondo philosophy and are not acceptable.   Complaints about training requirements are not acceptable.