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White Belt

  1. Step right 45 deg. to horseback riding stance, inner wrist-hand block right hand, 2 middle and 1 high section punch.
  2. Step right 45 deg. to horseback riding stance, knife hand block left hand and knife hand strike performed together, grabbing attacking arm and executing inward elbow strike with the right elbow.
  3. Step forward with right foot into ready stance, executing inward wrist-hand block right hand, immediately followed by an outward knifehand strike with the same hand, palm heel strike left hand.
  4. Step back into left fighting stance, execute back leg front kick followed by left palm heel strike.
  5. Step back into left back stance executing left knife hand block, execute front leg front kick followed by right inward knife hand strike.
  6. Step back into right back stance executing right inward wrist-hand block, execute front leg side kick followed by right outward knife hand strike in forward stance.

White Belt 1-3

White Belt 4-6