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Black Belt - 1st Dan


Attention, Ready, Horseback Riding, Walking, Front, Back, Twist, Tiger and Reverse Front Stances

Foot Techniques

Front Kick (Front and Back Leg , Step,  Assisted  and Unassisted)

Turn Kick (Front and Back Leg, Step, Assisted  and Unassisted)

Angle Kick (Step , Assisted  and Unassisted)

Chop Kick (Step and Assisted)

Back Kick (Step, Jump, and Assisted)

Side Kick (Front Leg, Back Leg, and Skip)

Hook Kick (Front and Back Leg, Skip ,Spinning, and Jump Spinning)

Crescent Kicks (Inward, Outward, Spinning and Jump Spinning)

Hand Techniques

Middle Punch

High, Low, Inward Middle, and Outward Middle Blocks

Palm-heel Strike

Elbow Strike

Knife-hand Block

Twin Knife-hand Block

Outward and Inward Knife-hand Strike

Spear-hand Strike

Back-fist Strike

Hammer-fist strike

Palm-heel Block

Combinations / Progressive Movements

Any combination of required hand and foot techniques with required stances in progressive movement

(moving forward or backwards) with turning.

One-Step Sparring

White 1-6, Yellow 1-6, Green 1-6, Blue 1-6, Red 1-6


Tae-Guk Poomse 1-8

Free Sparring

Full Contact with Gear, 9 minutes continuous sparring

Board Breaking

(4 Stations - 2 foot and 2 hand technique or 3 foot and 1 hand technique)


Written Examination - All items on Terminology sheet