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Yellow Belt Requirements


Attention, Ready, Horseback Riding, Walking, and Front Stances

Foot Techniques

Front Kick (Front and Back Leg , Step,  Assisted  and Unassisted)

Turn Kick (Front and Back Leg, Step, Assisted  and Unassisted)

Angle Kick (Step , Assisted  and Unassisted)

Chop Kick (Step)

Side Kick (Front Leg, Back Leg)

Hand Techniques

Middle Punch

High, Low, Inward Middle, and Outward Middle Blocks

Combinations / Progressive Movements

Any combination of required hand and foot techniques with required stances in progressive movement

(moving forward or backwards) with turning.

One-Step Sparring

White Belt 1-6


Tae-Guk Il Jang

Free Sparring

Light Contact with Gear

Board Breaking



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